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Pagliaccia srl has a goal: to ensure access to the most advanced internet services nationwide, bringing optical fiber to the homes, companies and businesses of every citizen from North to South, and this is only possible through the right network infrastructure and the installation of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) & FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet) systems. Because it is only by feeling at home wherever we are that we can always be interconnected, happy, free.

More than a mission, a life project

Connecting people is much more than a company mission, it is the life project that Flavio and Roberto Pagliaccia have been pursuing since 2011, developing the network infrastructure for ultra-broadband and ultra-fast connection of the future, throughout Italy.

These operations are only possible thanks to Pagliaccia srl's leading role on the Italian scene, a company that continuously operates in all regions and owes its constant growth to cutting-edge technology, which is increasingly accessible and fast, and available to the people: from the residents of small villages to those who live in large metropolitan cities.

Problem solving, know-how and flexibility are the main answers of Pagliaccia srl to the critical issues of the TLC sector. A philosophy that rewards the partnership between optical fiber operators and the Tuscan company, bringing network infrastructure and ultra-broadband everywhere, guaranteeing solid, long-term working relationships.


Our certifications

All the certifications necessary to operate in complete transparency and ensure a service performed by professionals, with complete peace of mind and total security.

Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber