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Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber


Optical Fiber

La Pagliaccia provides nationwide services to Telecommunication companies and Optical Fiber Operators, responding to the main requirements related to optical fiber and carrying out the necessary activities for the installation of FTTH, and copper networks. The company is also involved in 5G network development, MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) network implementation, and contributes to the implementation of the FTT CAB network both on an experimental and routine basis for all Italian providers. Over the years, it has contributed to the reduction of the Digital Divide in the main Italian islands. This is an important collaboration for a common goal: to connect the whole of Italy, from homes to businesses to public offices in small towns and large cities.

In this section you can find the Operators whose optical fiber run throughout Italy. Discover partnerships driven by transparency, precision, reliability and speed with established, recognised and regularly registered ROC companies.



Many organisations with a single objective: connecting North and South, thanks to optical fiber.

Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber

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Precision, speed and determination are the principles with which Pagliaccia srl has always worked to build the telecommunications systems which will carry the optical fiber of the future. Know-how at the service of anyone, anywhere.

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A company capable of ensuring nationwide access to the Internet, thanks to a highly qualified staff.

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We operate throughout the whole of Italy, ranging from large cities to small towns.


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All the certifications necessary to operate in complete transparency and ensure a service performed by professionals, with complete peace of mind and total security.

Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber