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Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber

FTTH installations


Stability, speed and efficiency, Pagliaccia srl offers the facility to freely surf the web on a daily basis, without any problems, thanks to ultra-broadband systems such as FTTH, 'Fiber to the Home' and other solutions capable of fully supporting new generation technologies. From the design of telecommunications installations and network infrastructures to the laying and connection of optical fiber and the maintenance of telephone systems, rediscover the pleasure of ultra-fast connections everywhere!

Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber


Each operation is analysed, studied and developed in our planning department. Because it is only through experience, expertise and reliability that Pagliaccia srl's team of professionals can provide their customers with state-of-the-art techniques in infrastructure design and telecommunications installations.

  • Inspections and feasibility studies
  • Survey instruments
  • Infrastructure architecture and dimensioning
  • Cable selection, sizing (Optical Fiber and/or Copper)
  • CAD design
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Documentation and permit application
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber

Civil Part

Pagliaccia srl is able to assist its customers in all phases of the installation: from excavation to laying using mini-pipes and cables. By implementing increasingly modern and innovative methods and tools, our company manages to connect Italy to the world, bringing with it the best experience.

  • Traditional method excavations
  • Road repairs
  • Civil works (foundations and manholes)
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber


The realisation of FTTH, FTTC and copper installations is one of Pagliaccia srl's core activities. Optical fiber connection work is always carried out in accordance with different customer requirements, and the company specialises in carrying out its work on the following networks and structures:

  • Telecom Italia fiber network
  • Fastweb fiber network
  • Public and private TLC operators' optical fiber
  • WAN and MANs
  • Cabling in telephone exchanges
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber
Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber


With absolute speed and professionalism, Pagliaccia srl performs maintenance work on FTTH, FTTC and copper systems of its own installation and others, to resolve TLC line faults and ensure perfect navigation.


Our certifications

All the certifications necessary to operate in complete transparency and ensure a service performed by professionals, with complete peace of mind and total security.

Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber Pagliaccia - Optical Fiber